When these amateur dominant wives get pissed at their husbands, down come the trousers and out comes the belt, paddle or a firm hand! Being a spanked hubby is not something you want to experience in your marriage...unless the thought of your wife spanking your bare bottom like a little boy across his mother's lap somehow sexually excites you...RIGHT?!
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A Bossy Husband Gets Paddled!

"I'm tired of you telling me what to do all the time! From now on I'M the boss of the house and YOU will listen to ME! And just so you remember our new agreement, I'm going to take down your trousers and paddle your bare bottom like a little boy at LEAST once a week!" Mrs. Smales took no shit from her husband, Jack, and when it can to wielding the paddle, she had no qualms about making her husband's bare ass BURN! What a lovely dominant bitch of a wife!

Spanked Across His Wife's Lap!

Nora was an elegant woman who was also a stern disciplinarian when it came to keeping her younger husband, Frank, in line! Many a night he found himself face down across his beautiful wife's lap, his pants pulled down and bottom bared feeling the stinging SMACKS of her hand! She was sexually dominant in bed and the den, so spanking her hubby was just part and parcel of her approach to marriage and life. How about YOU, would you like to be married to a strict older woman who spanked you on a regular basis?
spanked hubby picture
spanked hubby picture

His Wife Spanks With A Belt!

"And this is just the START of what I have in mind for YOU, MISTER!" Dan's wife was one strict bitch! And when she caught him upstairs jerking off to some porn showing guys licking girl's assholes, she was INCENSED! "You fucking little pervert!" she bellowed "I see I'll have to teach you to refrain from doing things like that in OUR home office!". Poor Dan, all he wanted to do was get some sexual release and now his dominant wife was taking a leather belt to his bare bottom and spanking the HELL out of his burning ass! How's THAT for a happy marriage?

Another Husband Belt Spanking!

Colleen came from a VERY strict Mormon household where discipline was frequently administered with a leather belt or strap...and now that she was married and in charge of her own household, the belt was used again and again to keep her husband Jake in line! "If I get one more report from my sister that you've been seen goofing off in the backyard with your model planes instead of working on the roof" she screamed "Your ass is gong to be on FIRE!" And to prove she meant every word, she got out her big black leather belt and proceeded to spank his blushing bare butt till he actually cried and BEGGED her to stop!
spanked hubby picture
spanked hubby picture

Hubby Spanked By Mother In Law!

Mona's daughter and her boyfriend had gotten married right out of high school, and her mother thought the husband, Tony, was much too immature...of course the fact that she regularly came round and spanked him like a little boy in front of his own wife probably didn't help things! Mona would often drop by when her daughter was at work and punish the poor guy for no reason at all - other than she obviously got off on it! Stripping down to her panties with her droopy breasts bared, she'd make the poor guy lay prone on the floor while she slapped his bare bottom for hours at a time!

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